Dungeon Kit - Bespoke Dungeon Furniture - Available in the UK Only

My name is Mistress Lady Penelope. Get on your knees Wimps Grovel to your Supreme Mistress, submit to me now if you Dare!!!. I do adore Training my Mincing Sissy Maids and little Sissies to a very high degree. Report to me by Telephone 07970183024 or by Email
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Porcelain Beauty
I am Porcelain Beauty a cruel sadistic yet sensualy hypnotic Mistress based in Bristol. I will drawer you in with My melting blue eyes and you will be hanging on to word. You will be left with My gorgeous face imprinted on your mind never to be alleviated of My tempting ways. I enjoy all aspects of Domination as My website describes best.
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Domina Sara is probably best known for her high level of skill with single tail whips.....
Added: Jan 1, 2011  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Miss Velour
I am an exquisitely seductive Italian Domina I endeavor to blur the edges of the dullness of everyday reality to everyone whom I dominate as, for me, every play is a journey to a parallel dimension of erotic sensations, an oneiric state where my favourite activity is control of every aspect of the male nature.
Added: Oct 27, 2010  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Dungeonella - Demonic Mistress and Goddess is available to see slaves for service in her two purpose built dungeons in Reading or Beaconsfield.
Added: May 26, 2010  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Jennifer
I am a power hungry Professional Dominatrix based in Bristol UK.I am a bitch with fearsome prowess I will tease you until you scream for mercy.Whether your kink or perverted deviation be physical, verbal, financial, or spiritual I will find that inner need you have.I have many techniques that will force your power over to me.
Added: Oct 13, 2009  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Truly
Enter our world of pain and pleasure, where your fantasies and desires can be fulfilled. We feast on your misfortune, thriving on the pain and discomfort we inflict on your pathetic body.
Added: Apr 18, 2009  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Les Mistress
Serve 2 Mistresses for the price of one, all fetishes catered for. Portsmouth area
Added: Feb 13, 2009  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Tiffany
Mistress Tiffany a Suffolk based Dominatrix whoe enjoys all aspects of BDSM. Country State Area England/Suffolk
Added: Dec 9, 2008  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Goddess Angela
Phone, email, text, online and real time domination
Added: Nov 20, 2008  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Mephisto
Sensual Mistress who specilises in CBT, CP and anal play
Added: Nov 3, 2008  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Debbie
We are a good looking mid 30ís couple who enjoy the sub / dom lifestyle. We cater for all needs from the novice to the more experienced devotees. We are happy to meet single males, females, couples and TVís.
Added: Dec 10, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Madam Ursula
This is the web site of Madam Ursula, from the Essex/Suffolk border.
Added: Nov 27, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Miss Zara
Fantasy Domination for the Connoisseur
Added: Nov 19, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Kinky Sin
2 Lesbian Mistress with uncoventional methods. Also phone and text domination
Added: Nov 6, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Vixens Lair
Vixens Lair - enter the lair of Goddess Vixen. Photos, videos, live session contact, free forum... treat yourself! CBT, trampling, NT, CP, foot fetish, double Domme scenes & much more.
Added: Oct 29, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Satines World
Am I the Mistress who can to turn your dreams into reality?I am a Mistress, with a wicked imagination/SOH,intelligents,and beauty.using yor body/mind to create a fantasy is a gift,the most powerful sex organ is the Mind, let Me get into yours,show you how to use it, to fulfil yourself.
Added: Oct 16, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Welcome to my realm of sensual domination, divine bondage, discipline and fetishes. I have been a lifestyle dominatrix for eight years. I am a compellingly beautiful Mistress with deep desires to explore your BDSM fantasies.
Added: Oct 17, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Just Bianca
Offering A range of Fetish and domination services across the Isle of Wight, Southampton, portsmouth and Hampshire my range of services include Ball busting CBT Crushing Face slapping Financial slavery Foot worship Humiliation Caning Spanking and more
Added: Oct 28, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Vixen's Dark Desires
Essex based Pro-Domme - strict but sensual sadist. Full equipped playroom & domestic settings. Varied wardrobe including leather, latex, uniforms, gowns etc. Caters for CP, foot worship, trampling, humiliation, feminisation, electro-play & much more. Embrace your darkest deires....
Added: Oct 28, 2007  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Tiffany
Mistress Tiffany. A beautiful Suffolk based Dominatrix who enjoys what she does in an unhurried session with pourpose built dungeon.
Added: Mar 10, 2008  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
She in Me
In my world you can explore all levels of dressing from Fantasy or Fetish to Daywear and Glamour. Underwear - lingerie - wigs - makeovers - waxing - facials - massage manicure - shoes - boots - rubber - leather - pvc - lace, I also take you on escorted shopping trips
Added: Apr 7, 2008  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Diva Domme
An American domme in the UK, Miss Amy Perkins is smart, funny and serious about controlling men. She is available by SMS text or email or can supervise you on your web cam. In whatever manner you like your discipline, she does it all devilishly and deliciously.
Added: Apr 19, 2008  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
The Brighton Dungeon
Experienced player, masochistic, and/or submissive, or just curious to try BDSM, I offer something for everyone, and I'm heavily into it all. I am scary, but I am also considerate and approachable and just as you need the likes of me to live your fantasy, I need you to feed mine. We need each other.
Added: Jul 10, 2008  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS