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Mistress Katja
I am 6ft1 barefoot, stunningly beautiful, skilled, versatile; a full-blood German Dominatrix living in Melbourne, Australia, offering highly intense and extremely skilled yet personal and passionate Fetish, BDSM and Bondage sessions worldwide. Favourites: Shibari, Latex, Corporal Punishment, CBT, wrestling. See my website for a full list of services.
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Mistress Tara
Born & trained in Holland, I established myself in Sydney with a private & fully equipped BDSM space that is ideal for both strict discipline & sensual fetishes. A few of my favourite things are foot fetishists, tease and denial, medical play, CBT, & corporal punishment up to severe caning. My slavegirl can also particpate in the session.
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Mistress Audrey Fatale, Elite Melbourne Dominatrix
Mistress Audrey Fatale is an Elite Professional Dominatrix offering BDSM and Fetish sessions in Melbourne Australia. A Mistress both playful and cruel She has a strong sadistic streak and revels in the administration of pain both physical and psychological. Offering sessions ranging from the bizarre to the extreme all manner of Fetishes are yours to be explored.
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Lady Ambrosia
Mistress and Switch with a penchant for bizarre, esoteric, absurd, erotic and obscure styles of play. My most well-honed skill, without a doubt, is being able to find the heat in a person's fantasy. So long as you're ready and willing to go to that place, I'll take you there without hesitation or judgement.
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With years of experience in the scene, an Ivy League Psychology degree and a passion for decadence Mistress Kalyss will take your breath away. A descendant of the French Aristocracy, She is a natural Queen. Therefore, She accepts nothing less than utter devotion from Her submissives. As a true Goddess, She is kind, considerate and merciless to those who dare disobey Her orders.
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Mrs Birch's Discipline School
Mrs Birch's Discipline School is designed for adult boys and girls who enjoy old-fashioned Corporal Punishment and traditional Discipline as part of a consenting lifestyle. A place to relive your 'chalk dust memories' and live once more in an age when 'To spare the rod, was to spoil the child'.
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mistress asha - medical mistress
Medical Mistress - fully trained. Enter my fully equipped medical room for an examination you will never forget... Bend over-NOW COUGH! Book a session today... please call or email for details...
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Mistress Satet Professional Dominatrix
I am a Dominant Mistress, both Lifestyle and Professional, with over seven years experience in both the private and public scene. BDSM is a core part of my life and not something I could live without. My manner is dominant and at times I can be sadistic but never cold.
Added: Dec 14, 2007  Category: AUSTRALIA MISTRESS
The Dominas Realm
The Dominas Realm - the origional House of Bondage and Discipline, Fetish and Fantasy in Melbourne, Australia
Added: Nov 28, 2007  Category: AUSTRALIA MISTRESS
Domina Cassandra
Pro-domme with international resume. Excellent dungeons. Elegantly stylish; Exquisitely beautiful An Empress of your darkest desire.....
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Mistress Sheridan Taylor
Professional Mistress Sheridan Taylor is currently conducting sessions in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA.
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Mistress Tara
Mistress Tara, a sensually and spiritually sadistic professional Dutch Dominatrix with more than 10 years experience. Currently living in Sydney Australia and owns a private, fully equipped BDSM playroom.
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Mistress Adira
An experienced, commanding, sensually sadistic lifestyle and Professional Dominant, My control will be individually appropriate to the level of experience and constraints of My slave or submissive. I do not suffer fools gladly and I expect slaves and submissives to be well groomed, confident, coherent, intelligent and articulate with a level of self-respect worthy of My attention.
Added: May 16, 2008  Category: AUSTRALIA MISTRESS