Dungeon Kit - Bespoke Dungeon Furniture - Available in the UK Only

CRUEL BUT CARING GERMAN MISTRESS OFFERS BIZARRE SESSIONS IN LONDON, ZURICH AND AUGSBURG. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. - See my website for available dates! - Apply for strict discipline, toilet servitude, anal treatments, forced feminisation and much more: OR CALL +49 (0) 176 - 29497435
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Domina Victoria Rage
Sensually Sadistic Seattle Dominatrix, Victoria Rage. Currently welcoming novices and experienced playmates to my fully equipped dungeon for inventive, salacious and erotically stirring D/s sessions.
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Miss Kami Robertson - London Mistress
I am a professional London Mistress - intelligent, sophisticated and genuinely into fetish. I offer CP and discipline sessions, corrective therapy and to dominate and control you in a variety of ROLEPLAY scenarios. Let your fantasies come true.\r\nSee my website for more information.
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Miss Mighty: Powerful Mistress
Powerful very busty curvaceous experienced brunette dominatrix based in London. Fully equipped chambers. Very powerful, understanding, approachable everything from mild to wild. Wrestling, Face sitting, lift and carry, domination and much more..
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Pavlovia Denver
Pavlovia is Denver's premier House of Domination. We're dedicated to providing a quality experience for the submissive, fetishist, bottom, switch, dominant or couple. With many Pro Dommes to choose from you are sure to find exactly what you need.
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Mistress Brown
nPerhaps you’ve played for years, and know your preferences well. Perhaps you have never played before and are nervously excited to explore this side of yourself. Either way, you should know a bit about me and my approach to BDSM.I believe in the Loving Dominant.That means that I feel each and every one of my submissives and slaves are a gift to be treasured.
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Alice In BondageLand - Authentic FemDom Movies & Adventures
Authentic lifestyle femdoms, enthusiastic sadists, laughing fetishists, smiling dominant women. Movies exploring male submission, chastity, sissy crossdressing, strap-on, rubber, cbt, heavy bondage and fetishes with enthusiasm and lust! Welcome behind the scenes and into the dungeons of the world's sexiest and most genuine female dominants.
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Mistress Katja
I am 6ft1 barefoot, stunningly beautiful, skilled, versatile; a full-blood German Dominatrix living in Melbourne, Australia, offering highly intense and extremely skilled yet personal and passionate Fetish, BDSM and Bondage sessions worldwide. Favourites: Shibari, Latex, Corporal Punishment, CBT, wrestling. See my website for a full list of services.
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Goddess Athena
I am a sophisticated lady in her late 20's, privately educated and well spoken. I cut a tall and imposing figure, standing at well over 6" in my heels. You will have no choice but to submit to me in my beautiful chambers which are based in the city centre of Glasgow.
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Liverpool based Mistress with fully equipped dungeon.
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Liverpool Lashes
Fully equipped Liverpool dungeon.
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Dominatrix Dinah
My name is Dominatrix Dinah, I am beautiful, confident Woman with many years of experience as a Mistress.I consider Myself an artist and the psyche of my slaves as my canvas. This, combined with my sensual powers, will bring your fantasy to life. I am dominant, elegant, sensual...Sometimes cruel, sadistic and kinky. I love rubber, latex, pvc, leather and more...
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Megara Furie - Domme to the Elite
Scotland\\\'s most charming dominatrix for the modern slave.. Fully equipped, clean and discreet chambers with private parking, shower facilities and same day appointments.
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Lady Sophia - Chicago Dominatrix
Disarmingly seductive, Lady Sophia will put you at ease while you explore your kink, fetish and bdsm fantasies. Specialties include working with novices, role play, medical, gs, foot leg and stocking worship, sensory deprivation/overload and tease and denial.
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Mistress Rachel Fine
Voluptuous raven haired beauty with over 20 years experience in the Art of Domination. Strap on, ball busting, slut training to sensual foot worship. Also offering webcam/phone training.
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Antonia Davenshaw CEO
Beautiful, Blonde, British Antonia Davenshaw. The perfect mix of corporate severity and edcuated femine power..
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Maitresse Dominella
Maîtresse Dominella - Dominatrice en Vaucluse, Aix-en-Provence et PACA, BDSM
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Mistress Suicide
I love the power I have over my submissive. am the Mistress always in control and they are there to serve and worship me, as I deserve to be. Some of my scenarios include Bondage, CP ,OTK and Spanking, CBT and NT, Watersports, TV Dressing and enforced feminisation.
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Manchester Mistress Foxx
I am Manchester Mistress Foxx, a Manchester based Dominatrix. My reasons for being a Domme are quite simple – I enjoy the control, I get off on the power I hold over your mind and body and relish in the moments of pushing you to the edge of pleasure and pain, over and over again. Simple and to the point.
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Wrestling Dominatrix Scotland
Wrestling dominatrix based in Glasgow, Scotland
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Mistress Violet
Manchester Mistress, Mistress Violet is Perfectly proportioned and petite at 5’4. I am utterly desirable, beautiful and feminine with long black hair. I am more than capable of making you succumb to my demands. My sheer presence intoxicates. You would be a fool to be deceived by my young appearance.
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Mistress Naughtya
The online domain of Mistress Naughtya. The exquisite dark temptress who is a divine and hypnotic mistress.
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Mistress Whips
I am an experienced Welsh Mistress with over 20 years as a Lifestyle Mistress. I am based in Manchester at a Manchester Dungeon. I view BDSM as the "Norm", My way of life. I invite all submissive's, male or female, that crave to serve and be used by a real, superior Lifestyle Manchester Mistress to approach me with their ideas of how they can please and serve me. I welcome the novice and the experienced equally. I am highly skilled and my experience is vast, nothing is new to me or beyond my capabilities.
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My name is Mistress Lady Penelope. Get on your knees Wimps Grovel to your Supreme Mistress, submit to me now if you Dare!!!. I do adore Training my Mincing Sissy Maids and little Sissies to a very high degree. Report to me by Telephone 07970183024 or by Email
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Mistress Atrum Dea
Kent based BBW Professional Dominatrix and Dungeon Domme. Very professional and very highly skilled.
Added: Aug 18, 2009  Category: EAST UK MISTRESS
Humiliatrix Princess Emma
London-based American dominatrix offering Fetish, BDSM and female domination services both real time and in fetish clips for download.
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Atelier Dada
Atelier Dada.The most peculiar equipped bondage studio in Milan for bondage practises and other
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: ITALY MISTRESS
Mistress Yazie
I am a 26 year old dominant woman of French descent. You may call me Mistress Yazie. I am intelligent, imaginative and broad minded. I can be kind, empathetic and attentive at times and a strict, sadistic and cruel bitch at other times. I like nothing better than to tie, humiliate and beat men like you into submission...
Added: Oct 31, 2011  Category: ILLINOIS MISTRESS
Domina Luna's Darkside
I am Luna, a strict dominant Lady who knows what you deserve: Punishment. From toilet-traing to strapon and classic english domination. More infos on my website.
Added: Jul 19, 2010  Category: GERMAN MISTRESS
London Mistress
I am Mistress Alexa, a Sexy European Dominatrix. I love to have a submissive man at my feet, obedient, who will give me all the controll and complete respect. I will make sure that I will give you a session that you will remember for a very long time.I am available for outcall and hotel visits to any London hotels.
Added: Oct 31, 2011  Category: EAST UK MISTRESS
Mistress Jada Sinn
I am a Professional Dominatrix in the Boston Area who gets great pleasure from dominating submissives, pissing over slaves and inflicting pain on masochists. My mental understanding of the world is beyond you so don’t bother trying to think for yourself, My pet. There just is no need for it while I am around for you to serve Me.
Added: Oct 31, 2011  Category: MASSACHUSETTS MISTRESS
The Irish Mistress
Baroness Maynhard is a Strict, Demanding and Powerfully Built Mistress; a successful business woman who loves the BDSM lifestyle, and enjoys keeping herself fit and strong by working Her slaves into an agony of sweet submission.
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Essentially Jane
Upscale fetish phone sex for the discerning freak. High end deviance at 1-866-440-BOSS. 1-woman service, discreetly billed. Mistress Jane Vanderkellen.
Added: Oct 4, 2011  Category: OHIO MISTRESS
Mistress Chatterley
My greatest thrills come from the relationships built up over time, between me and my slaves.Each slave is different and unique giving me the opportunity to do what I do best and for those lucky enough to be allowed to enter my chambers.
Added: Oct 4, 2011  Category: EAST UK MISTRESS
Mistress Akasha
My name is Mistress Akasha and I am a polish dominatrix based in the city centre of Glasgow. I am a serious dominatrix and do not like disobedient little boys, or worse.... disobedient little men.
Added: Oct 4, 2011  Category: GLASGOW MISTRESS
THE ORIGINAL AND BEST STRAPON AND ANAL FISTING BITCH !!!! Available in the UK and across the world to rip your ass apart....DARE YOU ??? Come see me in action in my videos as I fuck and fist my way around the world

Added: Oct 15, 2007  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
Mistress Maya Sinstress
I have been Dominant, Bossy & Bitchy all of My life. Naturally, I matured into a Spoiled Princess & Seductress. By nature, I am a TEASE. I laugh at other's expense. I am all you desire and then some. I am aggressive. I expand all boundaries.
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: Chicago
Lady Pandora, Disciplinarian
Highly-experienced Professional Disciplinarian deling in traditional English-style punsihments and roleplays
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: MANCHESTER MISTRESSES
Control Agent
Est since 1995, up to date equipement in luxury chambers, The Control Agent stands a stiking 5'9 with a tiny 22" waist and long cascading curls down her back. She is acurate, discreet and very perceptive.
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
Natasha Dom
Not only am I a Professional Dominatrix, I am also the girl next door....
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: GLASGOW MISTRESS
Mistress Karezza
Sweet Suffering By A Seductive, Cruel, Beautiful Redhead!
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: TEXAS MISTRESS
Bizarrlady Pia
I am an experienced and fully equipped German Dominatrix and fetish lady. I take pleasure in teasing, dominating and manipulating men, adore dressing up and playing bizarr and fetish games.
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: GERMAN MISTRESS
Mistress Mocha Love
Your life-wrecking, mind-fucking, self-esteem crushing, fetish torturing, hardcore dominating, finance destroying, cash draining, tease tormenting, mercilessly degrading, erotically humiliating, alpha ebony female obsession.
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: CALIFORNIA MISTRESS
Disciplinarian Lady Eleanor
Discipline and disciplinary therapy. Coaching and therapy in fetish, sexuality and living a passionate life. Acceptance and celebration of kink . Dominant / submissive relationships. These are my subjects, approached professionally as a qualified, experienced clinical practitioner, but also as a disciplinarian. My approach is powerful, ruthless and demanding.
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: EAST UK MISTRESS
Mistress Shae Flanigan - Brutally sweet and brilliantly wicked. San Diego and Los Angeles based Professional Dominant.
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: LOS ANGELES MISTRESSES
Mistress Lexi Sindel
Experienced & authentic Mistress Lexi is renowned for designing and conducting the ultimate experience in Professional Domination.
Added: Sep 11, 2011  Category: LOS ANGELES MISTRESSES

I'm extremely spoiled and demanding, angelic and demure, with a dark side and a penchant for elegant expensive debauchery. Though I am not into dungeons, latex, whips, et cetera. I love playing dark erotic games that begin in the mind. Teasing, taunting and slapping are just little pastimes for me.

Those who I am open to are highly successful Caucasian men who are in a place of power most of the time, and long to give it over to a dark seductress such as myself.

I crave obsessive adoration, and respond only to those who are not afraid to bring things close to the edge, if not over it. I do hourly sessions, however prefer a full evening starting with dinner, and I am open to traveling if I know you well enough. I don't care if you are involved with another, I'm quite private and discreet and our relationship will be as unique as the exquisite gifts I adore. A strong mind is a must, for when you enter my world, you will need to leave the outside world behind. A creative mind is absolutely a must. I have a slender build, 34D-23-34, with a size 7 1/2 shoe. I will be sure to screen you by speaking with you in detaiL.

Added: Jun 6, 2011  Category: LOS ANGELES MISTRESSES
Mistress Mina Meow
Dominant Humiliatrix with a penchant for the dark, bizarre, and exotic. Beautiful, intelligent, spoiled and demanding. The mind is My playing field and I enjoy warping your weakened mind to My desires.
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: LOS ANGELES MISTRESSES
Mistress Tara
Born & trained in Holland, I established myself in Sydney with a private & fully equipped BDSM space that is ideal for both strict discipline & sensual fetishes. A few of my favourite things are foot fetishists, tease and denial, medical play, CBT, & corporal punishment up to severe caning. My slavegirl can also particpate in the session.
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: AUSTRALIA MISTRESS
Mistress Rachel Fine
Professional Raven haired mistress with over 20 years experience in the are of domination.
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: NEW YORK MISTRESS