Dungeon Kit - Bespoke Dungeon Furniture - Available in the UK Only

Mistress Savannah
UK Mistress Savannah is an expert in domination, humiliation, BDSM and the treatment of submissives in general by a Scots Dominatrix.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: SCOTLAND MISTRESS
Glasgow Dungeon
Glasgow's Fetish Studio is Scotland's leading professional dungeon. Based in discreet premises, this is the sanctuary of the submissive and the academy for the dominant.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: SCOTLAND MISTRESS
Rebound Club
ReBound (Glasgow) Club is a Private Members monthly BDSM/Fetish Club based in Glasgow aiming to provide a relaxed, friendly, and safe environment where people with a common interest can meet others, have a drink, and if they feel like it, play on the large range of equipment provided.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: SCOTLAND MISTRESS
Mistress Beth
Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mistress Beth. When in my presence you will address me as Mistress, Ma’am, Miss or Lady. I am a Mature, Responsible, Elegant, and Sophisticated Professional Dominatrix with many years of experience in both CP and BDSM.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: SCOTLAND MISTRESS
Mistress Ginger Monroe
Scandelous Sexy Sadistic Nurse/Mistress
Added: Oct 21, 2007  Category: NEW YORK MISTRESS
Mistress Charlene
The Ebony Goddess fucks and tortures her slaves on camera for you all to see
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
Mistress Red
The devastatingly attractive Mistress Red welcomes you into Her supreme domain with an invitation of delicious cruelty. Sporting a trim 5ft 2inch frame and a body to die for, Mistress Red caters for all clients, from the nervous novice to the eager enthusiast.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: SCOTLAND MISTRESS
Mistress Skye
I am a mature Lifestyle Dominatrix that enjoys all aspects of fantasy roleplay and female domination,I can be a Strict Sensual Mistress or The Severe Dominatrix that will take you deeper into your Femdom Fantasy
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: SCOTLAND MISTRESS
Miss Beltem
Do you remember the days when the belt ruled the class room? Can you remember the words, “come out here boy” as you stood up and walked slowly to the front of the class?
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: SCOTLAND MISTRESS
Mistress Scarlet
I am a Dominatrix with nearly a decade of experience in BDSM. I excel in female domination and I posses a genuine passion for my profession.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: SCOTLAND MISTRESS
Mistress Scarlett
My name is Mistress Scarlett and I am a natural lifestyle Domina with a lifetime of experience in the BDSM scene. The reason for the name is because I have bright red nails, well I need them to be red so that you can't see the blood.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: IRISH MISTRESS
Mistress Anath Shekhina
Professional Dominatrix and Queen of the Dark Dance. I am a busy Dominatrix with an international following, currently available in South Yorkshire, UK.
Added: Apr 23, 2008  Category: NORTH UK MISTRESS
Miss Smith, Domme
North East of England fetish Mistress, specialising in role play, where you are assured of exquisite attention to detail in school or domestic discipline and correction, your fantasies fulfilled, memories recreated, or perhaps a little of both.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: NORTH UK MISTRESS
Mistress Emerald
For those seeking venus in Furs. Discover that Domination can be elegant.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: MIDLANDS MISTRESS
Mistress Patty's Leather Realm
Creative, Kinky, Sadistic, Strict Yet Sensual are the words that will be left controlling your mind once you enter My realm. Quickly you will find that I will take you further than you have ever imagined. Toilet Slavery, Sissification, Medical, Strap-on, TPE, Chasity, T&D, Punishment Enemas, Discipline, CBT, Humiliation, Castration Fetish and so on explored.
Added: Oct 19, 2007  Category: OHIO MISTRESS
Mystrys Genevieve
Mystrys Genevieve Professional Dominatrix
Added: Oct 20, 2007  Category: NORTH CAROLINA MISTRESS
Mistress Absolute
Supreme Dominatrix based in London with chambers in London and Warwickshire. I enjoy many forms of fetish, from the sublime to the ridiculous... as long as it is safe, sane and consensual. For more information please visit My website on
Added: Oct 26, 2007  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
Mistress Cerise
Mistress Cerise is the only Premier Black Mistress in Wolverhampton. She is the queen of Strapon and the queen of fantasy wrestling. She offers domination, humiliation, bondage, CBT amongst a whole host of other activities. Her membership site has recently been launched. - Visit her!! You\\\'ll be glad you did.
Added: Oct 20, 2007  Category: MIDLANDS MISTRESS
Ama Manor
Kansas Citys World Class Dungeon. Multi level Manor fully equipped with the finest in Dungeon Furniture. Mistress Deborah has a very Knowledgeable staff with many different areas of expertise. On-line application required.
Added: Oct 22, 2007  Category: MISSOURI MISTRESS
Lady Lydia McLane
Lady Lydia McLane is the Sexy Seattle Sadist
Added: Oct 28, 2007  Category: WASHINGTON MISTRESS