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Mistress Provaz
Dominant TS I am most turned on by arousing a partner and keeping him on edge.
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: Chicago
The Sugah Shack, House of Domination
I'm The Naughty Woman your conscious runs from and The Sadistic Bitch your subconscious begs for. A Pro Domme from Montreal, Canada.
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: CANADA MISTRESS
Mistress Hilary
I'm a Professional Mistress based in Milan, Italy.
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: ITALY MISTRESS
Sensual Punishment
Worship 30 Dommes in 1 Night in Real Life
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
birmingham mistress
No safewords allowed, diverse, sadistic and the ultimate in FemDom control.
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: BIRMINGHAM MISTRESS
Mistress Audrey Fatale, Elite Melbourne Dominatrix
Mistress Audrey Fatale is an Elite Professional Dominatrix offering BDSM and Fetish sessions in Melbourne Australia. A Mistress both playful and cruel She has a strong sadistic streak and revels in the administration of pain both physical and psychological. Offering sessions ranging from the bizarre to the extreme all manner of Fetishes are yours to be explored.
Added: Aug 16, 2011  Category: AUSTRALIA MISTRESS
Domina Muscarum
Extreme - Hard Sports Domina ! High End Domination. Luxury Dungeon in Rochester NY.
Added: Jul 4, 2011  Category: NEW YORK MISTRESS
Mistress Gemma
London Mistress Gemma, based 5mins from Baker Street
Added: Jul 4, 2011  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
Added: Jul 4, 2011  Category: WEST UK MISTRESS
Goddess Atheena
I am a ProDomme and adoringly run My Institute for the Domination of men. Is your desire is to be tortured, restrained, suffer corporal pain discipline, balls busted, indulge in fetishes, get in touch with your femininity, forced bi, Goddess worship, toilet training, give up control, overnight training? I can help you attain that, and more.
Added: Jul 4, 2011  Category: WASHINGTON MISTRESS
Mistress JDS
Mistress Juliette De Sade is a sophisticated Professional Dominatrix who is sensual, seductive ad passionate about Her art. Delivering Her sessions with precision and enthusiasm, combined with Her own personal fetishes and well studied knowledge within the BDSM genre, this is a Huddersfield Mistress not to be missed.
Added: May 31, 2011  Category: NORTH UK MISTRESS
Sado Mistress
Viennas most beautifull Mistress and her Slavegirl, livedates, galleries and videos.
Added: May 31, 2011  Category: ITALY MISTRESS
Lady Ambrosia
Mistress and Switch with a penchant for bizarre, esoteric, absurd, erotic and obscure styles of play. My most well-honed skill, without a doubt, is being able to find the heat in a person's fantasy. So long as you're ready and willing to go to that place, I'll take you there without hesitation or judgement.
Added: May 31, 2011  Category: AUSTRALIA MISTRESS
Miss Ivy Thornton
I am a 24/7 lifestyle Sadomasochist with a punk rock flare, tattoos, tight curvy body, and pretty feet for you to worship. I am the rebellious Girl you're always attracted to but to afraid to talk to. Well now is your chance. Don’t worry I won’t bite much…
Added: May 8, 2011  Category: CALIFORNIA MISTRESS
Mistress Scarlett Black
Mistress Scarlett Black, Leicester’s Premier Mistress. based in the heart of the East Midland’s UK
I have a well equipped dungeon around a mile from Leicester city centre or the M1 J21 motorway
Although I am notorious for being a Strap on mistress I specialise in a host of other activities

Added: Sep 10, 2009  Category: MIDLANDS MISTRESS
Mistress AthenaValeria
I am the hand that guides. I am the voice that tells. Be careful to walk where I steer. Be careful to act as I instruct. Be sure to listen closely to My council. I am your light and your darkness. I am Athena and I am War. I am Valeria and I am Love. My very strength is your simple weakness. New and existing slaves may book immediately. Call, Text or Email.
Added: May 8, 2011  Category: MIDLANDS MISTRESS
Satans Sister
My name says it all. I am a sadistic Professional Dominatrix. I am a beautiful Proud Dominatrix and I am high maintenance. Once you meet me you never forget me. If you spoil me maybe I will want you as my personal slave, who knows.
Added: May 8, 2011  Category: VIRGINIA MISTRESS
Domina Jemma - Supreme English Dominatrix
Professional Mistress, bondager, fetish model & performer, best equipped SM studio in Rome.
Added: May 8, 2011  Category: ITALY MISTRESS
Mistress Arcane
Some of the services I provide are Foot Worship, O k N spanking, CP, Ball busting, Electrics, Humiliation, Pony play, WS, Dog training, Nipple torture, Financial Slavery, Humiliation, Role play, School scenarios, Maid training, Interrogation scenarios, Plus much more
Added: May 8, 2011  Category: BIRMINGHAM MISTRESS
I am Princess McKenzie and I am looking for sissy, subs and slaves to humiliate and degrade. I am also looking for sissy, subs to turn into my personal pay piggies. You will come round, worship me and give me all your hard earned cash!! I will become your addiction, your drug and you will be OWNED by me!! Completely under my control, hehehe ;)
Added: May 8, 2011  Category: EAST UK MISTRESS
‘Mistress Hourglass’
West London
"A Feast for the Mind, Body and Senses"
I veer towards the creative, erotic, tactile, sensual side of play; but on occasion, have been known to transform into a sadistic, cool ‘Ice-Maiden’ bitch.
A Scorpion by birth, endlessly fascinated by what is dark & hidden. Possessing stormy deep blue eyes, with hair the colour of golden corn that is down to my buttocks, past a 20” waist.
I have a 32 DD natural bust..... endless slender legs and French red painted toe nails. Come closer...... closer....... and immerse yourself.... under my feminine power, at my intimate West London Chamber.  An imaginative, hygienic play space, for My Own sole use.
Erotic Tie & Tease, Body Worship, Spanking, Bondage, Watersports and Hard Sports, Queening (with panties on), Feminization, Role Play, Humiliation, Strap-On-Play, Leather/Latex/PVC, puppy training, foot worship.
TV available...... and lots more:)..... enquire.

Added: Oct 28, 2009  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
Mistress Cruel Sue
Cruel Sadistic Mistress Cruel Sue Top Model Live-acts, Live-shows
Added: Apr 2, 2011  Category: BELGIUM MISTRESS
Sinful Servitude
Mistress Kashiko Hudak is a Professional Domme practicing out of her own fully equipped dungeon in Vancouver, Canada. Prospective clients can find all the information they need to request a session with the Mistress. She also occasionally hosts Play Parties, which can be found on the Events page of her website.
Added: Apr 2, 2011  Category: CANADA MISTRESS
Porcelain Beauty
I am Porcelain Beauty a cruel sadistic yet sensualy hypnotic Mistress based in Bristol. I will drawer you in with My melting blue eyes and you will be hanging on to word. You will be left with My gorgeous face imprinted on your mind never to be alleviated of My tempting ways. I enjoy all aspects of Domination as My website describes best.
Added: Mar 17, 2011  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Domina Stella Morgan
Blonde Pro-Mistress with extreme long hair for live-sessions.From rather mild humilations to heavy torture. More Infos, pics and vids on my site.
Added: Apr 30, 2009  Category: GERMAN MISTRESS
SM-Studio The Dark Rooms
Three blonde High-Class Mistresses for your darkest desires. From humilation to Strapon and medical games, these Ladies know what you need. Live Sessions.
Added: Mar 17, 2011  Category: GERMAN MISTRESS
Domina Sara
Domina Sara is probably best known for her high level of skill with single tail whips.....
Added: Jan 1, 2011  Category: BIRMINGHAM MISTRESS
Mistress Ava Black Central London
Strict and Sensual Ebony Goddess Ava Black is the deliciously refined temptress that will have you quivering with desire!!! Old enough to know better, and young enough to make it count; this bossy Princess will unleash your deep desire to serve. Allow yourself to be manipulated by your true desire.
Added: Mar 17, 2011  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
Domina Bijeux
Domina Bijeux, klassisch erhabene Herrin Sie liebt es zu demütigen, zu quälen. Deine Demut, Dein Schmerz, und Dein Flehen erfüllen sie mit Lust und Glück. Deine Geilheit nutzt sie schamlos für ihre Wünsche aus
Added: Feb 27, 2011  Category: GERMAN MISTRESS
Fetish Eden
the most beautiful black dominatrix Mistress Eden
Added: Feb 27, 2011  Category: LOS ANGELES MISTRESSES
Mistress Justine Pierce
I am a Queen, an Amazon, a Warrior Goddess, & the ultimate San Francisco Dominatrix. I am known for my creativity, intensity, skill & strength. I love to play on the darker side of BDSM with a particular passion for uniforms, latex, stockings, high heels, medical, rope, bondage, mummification, & piercing flesh - but you may also be graced by my sweet and nurturing side.
Added: Feb 27, 2011  Category: CALIFORNIA MISTRESS
Lady Manuela
I enjoy the dynamics between a submissive man and Myself. I know that your craving to serve and please Me is within your core nature. And I am here to allow you to express this side of yourself in a safe and loving environment.
Added: Feb 27, 2011  Category: GERMAN MISTRESS
Vinyl Queen
Vinyl Queen is a Pro Domme in San Francisco, CA with over a decade of experience. Her fully-equipped studio is located is convenient to SF hotels and transportation. From hardcore SM to light fetish indulgence, this versatile Mistress will leave you begging for more.
Added: Feb 27, 2011  Category: CALIFORNIA MISTRESS
Miss Scarlett DeVille - Skilled Chicago Dominatrix
Miss Scarlett DeVille - sadistic, intuitive, highly skilled and experienced Chicago Dominatrix
Added: Feb 27, 2011  Category: Chicago
Added: Feb 12, 2011  Category: MISTRESSES IN PRAGUE
Domina Natalya Sadici
Chicago's Vixen Sadist and Patron Saint of Debauchery, Domina Natalya Sadici will challenge, guide, shake up, titillate, and take full control!
Added: Feb 6, 2011  Category: Chicago
Pro sub Nina
I'm Nina a Southwest based very sexy and submissive transgendered girl and I’m at your service. I offer much more than most other subs such as escorting maiding modelling spanking and other services I also have a huge collection of costumes I can wear for you. I enjoy role play.Or maybe you need to visit Mistress Nina but be warned she won’t go easy on you
Added: Feb 6, 2011  Category: PROFESIONAL SUBMISSIVES
The Confessional
The Confessional is the backdrop to the misadventures and misdeeds of Akron's Most Devious Ladies; in this inner sanctum, the privileged few are subjected to teasing so sensual it borders upon cruelty, juxtaposed with punishment and torture sweet enough to be confused with indulgence.
Added: Feb 6, 2011  Category: OHIO MISTRESS
Mistress Chase
Sensual Creative Goddess equipped to take you out of your vanilla world and in to Mine
Added: Jan 22, 2011  Category: CALIFORNIA MISTRESS
Rubber TV Mistress Christina
Latex TV Mistress into chastity, CP and consensual blackmail. Availability: Mon to Fri: 7:30pm till 10:30pm Sat and Sun: 11am till 7pm Longer times and over night available at weekends.
Added: Jan 22, 2011  Category: TV MISTRESS
Mistress Jay
I have been active in the scene for a little over 20 years and with that comes an equal level of knowledge and experience. Add to that a deviant imagination and a wicked sense of humour and I look to expand boundaries and introduce experiences not yet considered.
Added: Jan 22, 2011  Category: BIRMINGHAM MISTRESS
Princess Mackayla's Perfect Feet
I love to dominate men with My perfect soles and My amazing toes
Added: Jan 12, 2011  Category: EAST UK MISTRESS
Mistress Liliane Hunt
An experienced English Mistress specializing in corporal punishment, domestic discipline, age play, and pup & pony training. An exquisite and dedicated fetishist of boots, leather, latex, corsets, gloves and more. An enthusiast of leather bondage, CBT, chastity, and feminization. Located in an elegant victorian play space. Located in San Francisco.
Added: Jan 12, 2011  Category: CALIFORNIA MISTRESS
Barbar Fetish Club
We are a fetish club in Bangkok Thailand. In operation over 5 years. several Mistresses and slave always on hand for real time sessions
Added: Jan 12, 2011  Category: THAILAND MISTRESS
The Original and best strapon bitch you will ever get to serve. Strapon play is my favourite pastime as you will see once you have entered my site. There is no bigger turn on for me than having a slave tied up very tightly and securely so there is no risk of escape from what is going to happen to their arse. I love to fuck novices with their tight little holes (not for long) and the more experianced sluts able to take a good hard fisting, or even better a double fisting, yes thats right, two fists at the same time...mmmmmmm.
Added: Oct 18, 2007  Category: NORTH UK MISTRESS
Loras Lair
Home of Mistress Lora Private Dungeon
Added: Jan 1, 2011  Category: FLORIDA MISTRESS
Mistress Irony
Lifestyle and professional Dominatrix in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Added: Jan 1, 2011  Category: CANADA MISTRESS
Mistress Strapon
If you are lucky enough to become one of my submissives, slaves or sissies, you will have the pleasure of experiencing my world of domination and bdsm fantasies. I am specializing in strapon, dildos, fisting..
Added: Jan 1, 2011  Category: LONDON MISTRESS
Domina Sara is probably best known for her high level of skill with single tail whips.....
Added: Jan 1, 2011  Category: SOUTH UK MISTRESS
Miss Cybèle - Domina
I am an experimented mistress in hunger to dominate my slave. My practices are really diversified; Bondage, CBT, foot fetish, role play, wipping, humilliation, feminisation and more.NO SEX.438-882-3975
Added: Jan 1, 2011  Category: FRENCH MISTRESS